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Janmashtami was celebrated with great joy and fervor in our school. Primary students dressed themselves in beautiful attires of Krishna and Radha. All the children looked beautiful with pleasant smiles on their faces. A small programme was organized where children presented songs and dance. The dance captured the hearts of the audience. It felt as if our school has turned into Gokul with Radha and the Gopies dancing with Krishna.

There was a "matki phod" competition where the young Kanhas of the school had to break the matki's to get the "Makhan" out of it. The Govindas' of the school climbed on top of each other to reach the "matki" high on the top. They finally reached its height and broke the "Matki". It was an awesome scene to see the children form a pyramid. It was great fun for everyone.

Happy Janmashtami to all.