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On 1st August, 2012 the students of Mother Teresa World School celebrated the eve of Raksha Bandhan.

The day started by presentation of a small drama by the young dynamic students who brought out the message of brother and a sister relationship. It was a time dating back where the Rajputana Queen Rani Karnavati sends a Rakhi as a token of peace to the Mugal Badshah Humayun. He accepted it irrespective of his religion and gave rise to a new culture in India, which is still followed.

Rakhi the thread of love was celebrated with utmost enthusiasm in the form of Rakhi Making Competition in Mother Teresa World school. It is a festival that is all about affection, fraternity and sublime sentiments. It is an occasion to flourish love,care,affection and sacred feeling of brotherhood. The students very well brought out this feeling through their splendid collection of Rakhis. All the students put in their heart and soul to create the best rakhi of the school. Each rakhi carried the eternal bliss of Raksha Bandhan and the deepest love. Each rakhi was better than the other and each glittered more than other.

The handmade rachis of the children were the best representation of the personal feelings for their siblings.This day was one of the most memorable days of the school.