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Old age is a time when we need the love and care of our loved ones most. However, in our country some old people are put in homes for the aged and are conveniently forgotten by their children.

In order to sensitize our students towards old age and respect for elders, a visit to "Jivan Sandhya" - an Old Age Home was organized on July 24, 2012 for the students of classes I to VIII of Mother Teresa World School, Vadsar.

Students got an opportunity to meet and initiate a dialogue with the elderly people Our main motive to go there and spend time with old people. As we reached there, Mr. Farsukhbhai Kakkad manager of the home took us to the Prayer hall and explained the need of old age home. There, the students took pledge that they will take care of their parents and . Then students presented songs and bhajans.

Then we went inside the rooms to meet those old people. We all greeted them. The small ones also greeted them by their own special way by saying, "Namaste Dadaji and Dadiji" with their soft, sweet voice. They were really very happy to meet us and blessed us. The sad part was that even though they wanted to talk and share their feelings with us, we could not manage to stay long with them as it was time to reach back to school. We left the place with lots of thoughts in our minds. Just imagine how they feel without their dear ones. They wake up every morning with a hope that their dear ones will definitely come to meet them and take them back some day. Needless to say, we gave them a little regard and they showered tons of blessings on us. This visit to old age home was a learning experience for us.